{She Puts the Color Inside of My World}

John’s had to fly out of town for the past few weekends and we’ve been dying to see the Roy Lichtenstein exhibit at the Art Institute before it left town.  It was wonderful and features 170 of his works, making it one of his biggest collections of works on tour.   

We had a quick date night tonight and John also got to check out the Modern Wing because he still hadn’t made it over there!  

It was great seeing nearly four decades of Lichtenstein’s works.  We learned something new too:  Lichtenstein’s art famously borrowed from nearly EVERY art historical style out there including art dating back to the 1890’s, not just modern pieces.

The sleeping muse sculpture (1983) below is an example - it is inspired by the Sleeping Muse sculpture made by Constantin Brancusi, also located at the Art Institute.  

I took photographs of several details that we adored!